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Thinking To My Other Self...Oh Yeah!...And Me Too!


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Foamy is our Lord&Master!!!!!
Brittany-Kun's Theme Song:
Sesshoumaru is hot alot, Sesshoumaru is hot alot
 If Brittany-Kun's binder was a guy
She'd make love to it all night
Untill the beak of dawn
Untill the end of the song
Untill the sun comes up and the moon does down
Then we can both go outside
To fool around!
(Note: this song is true....except for the part where my binder turns into a guy^.^ v.v ^_^ hehehehehe)

Favorite food: Sea food
Favorite movie: Princess Mononoke
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite T.V. Show: INUYASHA!!!
Favorite Color: Orange/Green
Favorite Kind Of Music: I Like Different Types of Music
Favorite Book: Pearl Paints
Favorite Band: Do As Infinity
Favorite song: "What Child Is This"(Margeaux's corrupted version,it'll be displaied on the song page the next time im on)
Favorite Animal: Tie Between Otters, Girraffes, and Ocelots


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Summons of a Lifetime (SOALT, shyann-dono's website)


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