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Thinking To My Other Self...Oh Yeah!...And Me Too!

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What I Usually Think About...
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VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ME LIKEY FANTASY VIDEO GAMES..........I FINALLY GOT DEVIL MAY CRY!!! *tears of joy stream down her face*
a little gamers info about me:
-the only game ive ever beaten in my whole entire life is ocarina of time
-havent played master quest for Ocarina of Time
-ive never touched an xbox even though i have one (aka la flaunda)
-i dont have a PS2 even though i play kingdom hearts; its my brothers friends PS2
-ive never played FFX but ive seen the begining and i have the game because its my sisters friends
-i suck at games yet, continue to play them and never beat them
-i quit one game to play another game
-i quit a game because someone copies over my  file and i dont like to replay (which has happen so many freaking times!)
-i dont think DDR counts as a game but i kick @$$ at that game
-ive never played Tales of Symphonia but ive seen the begining and it looks Freaking Awsome!
-I dont have DDR but i go to the movies or to an arcade to play it (everyone has the game and i dont! ;_; )
-not very good at Smash Bros. Melee but im ok
-awaiting the new Zelda game for GC that doesnt have a name yet; it looks so  freggin awsome!!!
-like to beg for games ill probly never play (like Devil May Cry; im only in for it because of Dante and his sexiness)
-i play many games at a time and sometimes forget about one game while playing another